Everyone has a unique style and that’s why building a quality custom project that reflects your taste and personality is important to us. Whether your personal style is warm and inviting like a rich cherry wood, or sleek and modern like a deep mahogany with steel accents, we tailor your design to fit your needs. Our services include building custom cabinetry, modular cabinetry and interior doors.

The kitchen is the heart of every home and it should reflect your family’s unique tastes. We specialize in custom design projects for new single and multi-family residential properties and remodels. We pride ourselves in offering you the best material and services available for your home masterpiece.

In addition to providing custom cabinetry for your kitchen, we also offer custom cabinetry for the rest of your home. Whether it is for your bathroom or for your entertainment center, our custom design will ensure that it complements your home. We also offer custom interior doors to accent your home design.

We want to make your home remodeling project more than just an investment. We want to add value by giving you the best in craftsmanship and design. Experience the Kapal difference by speaking with one of our master designers today.